Ski resort data

  • Open Season

    Early December, 2023- End of March, 2024 (As of current schedule)

  • Opening hours

    Open: 9:00am
    Close: 6:00pm
    *Closes at 4:00pm at beginning and end of season

  • Lift Ticket

    Adult (18+): 7,700 yen
    Child: 6,160 yen


  • Monthly snow accumulation in-season
  • ※Average over the last 3years
  • Dec.


  • Jan.


  • Feb.


  • Mar.


  • Apr.


Resort Feature


A resort with a stunning 50% powder ratio

All five courses on the north side of the resort are ungroomed- SAHORO RESORT has an amazing 60% powder rate. The 21 courses, including a steep spot with a 39-degree slope angle, all make effective use of the natural landforms, making the slopes technique-demanding enough to keep even the most seasoned rider entertained.


There’s nothing quite like fair weather: a fantastic 50% chance of sunny skies

One major feature of SAHORO, located inland in the Tokachi area, is its stunning fair-weather rate far higher than those of the resorts in the Sapporo and Niseko areas. During the 107-day long ’22-23 season, 58 days- half of the entire season- recorded clear skies. Taking full advantage of the fine weather, SAHORO RESORT offers many snow-related activities: snowshoe tours, snowmobile trials, nighttime stargazing snow groomer tours, brown bear hibernation observation tours, frozen lake wakasagi fishing tours, and more- all of them really exciting. SAHORO is a great place to enjoy Hokkaido’s blue skies and white snow to its fullest.


Powder hunting in the Tokachi powder belt from SAHORO RESORT

SAHORO RESORT, located in the middle of Hokkaido, is easily accessible from the Asahikawa, Obihiro, and Shinchitose airports, making it a perfect place to stay if you’re going sightseeing. Tourism doesn’t interest you? Nothing to worry about. Central Hokkaido is home to the Daisetsu and Hidaka Mountain Ranges, which together form the “Powder Belt” and offer plenty of backcountry field. Riding as you please, looking at weather and snow conditions, all over the Powder Belt with SAHORO as a home base is a plan popular among experts from abroad. One ride on the JAPOW in the Powder Belt is enough to get you hooked.




Resort information

  • Address

    〒081-0039 Kamikawa-gun Shintoku-cho Karikachi Plateau

  • Tel


  • Multilingual

    Multi-language leaflets, translators, daycare with English speaking staff, English ski/snowboard lessons, gear rental services, English guide in shuttle bus between hotel and resort

  • Access

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