Furano Ski Resort

Ski resort data

  • Open Season

    Furano Zone: November 25, 2023- May 6, 2024
    Kitanomine Zone: Late December 2023- March 24, 2024

  • Opening hours

    Early season (November 25- December 1, 2024)
    Open: 8:30am Close: 4:00pm or sundown

    Mid-season (December 2, 2023- March 24, 2024)
    Open: 8:30am Close: 4:00pm or sundown

    Spring season (March 25, 2024 - May 6, 2024)
    Open: 9:00am Close: 4:00pm or sundown

    Night skiing hours (Furano Zone: Mid-December - March 23, Kitanomine Zone: Mid-December - March 23)
    Open: 4:00pm Close: 6:00pm (weekdays) / 7:30pm (weekends&holidays, December 28 - January 3)

  • Lift Ticket

    One-day pass Adult:7,000 yen Child (up to elementary school): free of charge
    1-Day Early Season/Spring Ski Season:5,500 yen (November 25 - December 1, March 25 - May 6)


  • Monthly snow accumulation in-season
  • ※Average over the last 3years
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  • Jan.


  • Feb.


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  • Apr.


Resort Feature

Dry powder, big scale


What sets Furano apart from other resorts is that you can enjoy the extra-dry powder unique to inland regions and beautifully groomed corduroy, both in one resort that comes with a magnificent view of Tokachidake and the Daisetsu Mountain Range. The powder at Furano is of ultimate quality. The resort is divided into two zones, Kitanomine and Furano, and boasts a large scale with 28 courses that offer a variety of terrain and range from beginner to advanced levels. The long run from the summit at a 1,074m elevation and the 430m-long E1 course at the summit of the Furano zone are especially popular among riders, with lots of ups and downs. The courses also have adjacent chairlifts that offer riders convenience in getting around, much to the joy of those who are here for the slopes.


The best backcountry access you can get in Japan


Central Hokkaido, in which Furano Ski Resort is also included, is known for its great access to the backcountry of the Daisetsu Mountain Range. The powder field that stretches over Asahidake, Kurodake, Tokachidake, and Furanodake is also known as the Powder Belt, and tours to the backcountry here that offer riders great experiences in Hokkaido’s nature are extremely popular among skiers and snowboarders around the world.


Making active and comfortable travel plans of staying at Shin Furano Prince Hotel, renting a ride, and traversing the places with the best snow and weather conditions in the Powder Belt is growing popular. There are also many hot springs around Furano, making it a great place comes with the full package to enjoy the best of winter Hokkaido: JAPOW, onsens, and convenience.


The new and trending Furano style


A new style of staying at Shin Furano Prince Hotel is gaining popularity: going on one-day riding trips to nearby resorts such as Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU, Kamui Ski Links, and Sahoro Resort, and visiting the town of Furano on your way back. Access to the city is also easy, with Furano Ski Resort being a mere 10 minutes away by car. Furano Town, which is drawing attention as the “New Niseko” from investors overseas, is growing into a new tourist attraction. The lively town has much to offer, such as gourmet foods and after-ski activities. Furano is a must-go to be added to your bucket list.


Resort information

  • Address

    〒076-8511 Nakagoryou, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

  • Tel


  • Multilingual

    Multilingual website, multilingual pamphlets, ski lessons taught in multiple languages, usage of translation devices (Pocketalk)

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