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Rusutsu Resort, which spreads out at the foot of Mt Yotei, is one of Japan’s leading all-season resorts where you can enjoy golf and 245 in summer,  and immerse in Hokkaido JAPOW in winter.   

I asked the person in charge of marketing. 

To convey to an overseas guest, what would you say if asked “What is Rusutsu’s pride that will never lose out to other resorts in Hokkaido?”

1. It has 37 courses, which is the largest in Japan as a single resort, and the total running distance is 42km!  The lift ticket price per run distance is the lowest!

The slopes of Rusutsu Resort are comprised of three mountains, “West Mt.”, “East Mt.” and “Mt. Isola”, and the course laid out from the three peaks are 37!  The total gliding distance is 42km!  It is the best single resort in Japan.  You can move quickly and comfortably through the vast field using four gondolas and most of the 14 high-speed lifts with hoods.  And yet, it is surprising that the lift ticket price per run distance is the lowest in Japan.

A one-day pass costs 6,200 yen (online purchase) and you can ski to the night  (~ 20: 00).  Sliding 42km, this price is exceptional.  By the way, Thredbo in Australia is twice as much as the one-day ticket, and Niseko’s all-mountain one-day ticket is 8,100 yen.  Rusutsu Resort boasts its hospitality as much as the vast field.

2. Casual Hotel (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention), Luxury Hotel (The Westin Rusutsu Resort), Condominium (The Vale Rusutsu), 3 different facilities that can provide a stay tailored to your needs.

Inside the resort is the premier luxury hotel “Westin Rusutsu Resort”, the super convenient “Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention” where you can ski in and out in front of the slopes, and the condominium style “The Vale Rusutsu” where you can enjoy like home.  We offer different accomodations for your selection.

Also, what is consistent with all of Rusutsu Resorts is the high standards in hospitality.  Among the most prestigious awards in the world’s ski tourism industry, which is regarded as the Oscar of the travel industry, Rusutsu Resort has won the “Japan’s Best Ski Resort” of the “World Ski Awards” and Westin Rusutsu has won the “Japan’s Best Ski Hotel”, double award for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. 

3. The course layout is tailored to your skiing level and orientation, reducing congestion when riding a gondola or lift, and allowing you more time to enjoy skiing / snowboarding.

Each of the three mountains is unique.  Based on the features of the mountain, the course is laid out according to skill level and orientation.  Let’s understand the positional relationship and features of each of these three mountains. Less waiting time and time loss, so you can slide more.  That’s why satisfaction level is high for a day spent in Rusutsu.

West Mt.

West Mt. is located on the far right, compact in size.  It has good access just in front of the hotel and offers night skiing. An area that suits all skiers. The White Lover Course is highly recommended for first-time snowboarders. The course starts with a wide surface with the perfect incline for practicing sideslipping.

East Mt.

East Mt. is connected to Mt. Isola, featuring a long course.  The East Vivaldi course, stretching 2,300 meters from the summit, and the East Tignes course, which has a good view along the ridge, are easy to ski with moderate slope and long distance.  It feels good to fly with a board.  Just below the summit, there is a steep slope known as Rusutsu Ichi, which is 40 degrees, and the ski response is perfect.

The Easy Trail is the mellowest course in Rusutsu Resort, and is perfect for first-time skiers. There’s no chance of losing your way and wandering out into other courses, so the run is also a great place for kids that can ride on their own to practice.

Mt. Isola

Mt. Isola is where advanced players and powder enthusiasts gather.  Starting with Rusutsu’s longest 3,500m Isola Grand Course, its scale and course variety is the top among the three mountains.  There are multiple streams and varied terrain change.  The course heading down the stream is easy to accumulate powder, which makes it very popular with powder lovers.  Beautiful tree runs are Rusutsu’s specialty, can be seen everywhere.   Advanced course, there are many intermediate courses with plenty of slopes and distance, so it is fun and irresistible for advanced players.

Introducing a course where foreign guests are happy to ski

Steamboat A

Location:Mt. Isola-Upper Zone
Average Slope:12°/ Maximum Slope 26°
Level :Intermediate

A course along the ridge that runs from Isola No. 2 Quad landing to the cafeteria “Steamboat”.  It’s not as vast as Steamboat B, but it’s less crowded and it’s a hidden spot where you can ski in tranquil surrounded by woods.

Steamboat B

Location:Mt. Isola-Lower Zone
Average Slope:12°/ Maximum Slope 26°
Level :Intermediate

The main course of Mt. Isola boasts a long run of 2,100m.  Easy on beginners as the course is wide, good visibility and consistent slope.  It not only helps beginners to step up to intermediate, it is also a fun course for advanced skiers to enjoy exhilarating cruising.

The charm of Rusutsu that you want to convey to foreign guests

◆”Forest Bath” a fantastic, beautiful play in Rusutsu

The snow quality of Rusutsu is JAPOW itself.  We are proud that the snow quality is outstandingly dry.  From December to February, due to intermittent snowfall, it is reset almost every day and you can enjoy powder riding.

Since the slope of Rusutsu Mountain faces the north side, it doesn’t get much sunlight, and the snow condition is always maintained in good quality.  In addition to that, in the forest where you enjoy tree runs, it is difficult for sunlight to seep through due to the broad-leaved trees.  So, it’s double JAPOW !  Rusutsu’s tree run with such favorable conditions can say it’s THE BEST.

◆ Freedom Park

Location:East Mt.

Park play is also recommended to freeride lovers who think “Jumping is fun” and also to those who want to try jumping in good snow condition.  A wide variety of items are lined up for intermediate to advanced players to enjoy.  It is a park that pays attention to the size of the jump and the height of the rail so that you can play safely.

◆First Track

Location:Mt. Isola

“Isola’s First Track” is a special service that allows you to ski freely from the summit of Mt. Isola before opening hours.   There is a high possibility of hitting powder, so it is opened for a limited period, around year-end and New Year holidays, and every Sunday in January and February during the high season.

It feels great to glide through the groomed 3,500m Isola Grand Course.

◆Experience the culture unique to Japan and Hokkaido at the resort

At Rusutsu, you can also experience various cultures at the resort.
Something unique to Hokkaido, a cooking experience or a handicraft session, using resources from Hokkaido only.

Such as, making ice cream using Hokkaido’s milk, or cheese with milk from the ranch in the neighboring town, or cook homely dishes using recipes handed down since the pioneering era of Hokkaido or make potato rice cake “Imomochi”.  They are all popular programs.

◆EPIC PASS Eligibility

Rusutsu Resort has a long-term alliance agreement with the world’s top ski resort Vail Resorts and the world’s largest ski passes, Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass and Epic Australia Pass, are subjected to facilties eligibility. For holders of 2021 – 2022 Winter Season Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, and 2021 Season Epic Australia Pass, they are eligible to free lift pass for five consecutive days during the 2021 – 2022 Winter Season at Rusutsu Resort.

Support services to foreign guests

English support in the resort.

● Schools, activities, rentals all English-speaking friendly
● Sending SNS in English
● There is a duty-free shop in the resort
● Free WIFI in the hotel ・ Opening of the lobby floor lounge as a coworking space
● There is a shop “colorful” in the resort
● There is a convenience store nearby, 5 minutes walk from the hotel (”Seico Mart,””7-Eleven”)
● There is a coin laundry in the resort
● There is a pharmacy 2km from the hotel (shuttle bus service between Rusutsu and Satsudora)

Rusutsu gourmet

Rusutsu Resort has more than 30 restaurants.   From casual to formal, a variety of selection to choose.  There are buffet restaurants popular with families, specialty stores such as French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, cafes where you can enjoy delicious sweets, bars and izakaya where you can drink with friends, and fast food pick up for the quick and go.

It’s not only the number of restaurants we have that’s amazing.   We have a collection of Hokkaido-produced.  Such as vegetables directly from local farms, lamb meat, Rusutsu pork, dairy products, and seafood purchased every morning from the fishing port in the suburbs.

Surrounding spots where foreign guests gather


During a long stay, sometimes it’s good to adventure out of the resort to  restaurants around.  You may find a different Japanese or Hokkaido taste.   Let’s take a look at some shops that foreign guests like to visit.

■ In the resort

Pub Cricket (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention)

A casual café by day, Pub Cricket transforms into a pub where people gather to have drinks and watch sporting events by night. The interior of the pub is an open space with sports clips on multiple screens, and the doors are left wide open during open hours. Located at the center of Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention, it’s also a great spot to meet up after skiing.

Main Bar – Obrist (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention)

This jazzy and elegant spot is perfect for kicking back an sipping a top-notch drink. Obrist is an ideal place to spend a laid-back evening. The bar has to offer mostly anything you could ask for, from cocktails to local-brewed whiskey and vintage liquor. Bring your friends, or just yourself. The Moscow mule with its house-brewed ginger vodka is so sublime you’ll be lost for words.

Lobby Lounge Atrium (Westin Rusutsu Resort)

Ideal for grabbing a light meal or a quick break before meeting up, Atrium serves aromatic coffee and craft cocktails. This elegant lounge is a great spot for settling down and unwinding while watching the fire flickering in the hearth. Here you’ll find a wide selection of drinks and creative, exquisite cocktails found nowhere else, as well as a la carte snack menus and cake combos. The lounge is open all day.

■ Around the resort

Rodeo Drive

A 5-minute walk from the resort, it is a hideaway cozy bar, where you can feel the warmth of the trees in Hokkaido.  Even though it is a bar, they do serve many good authentic dishes, including dishes using smoked ham and bacon.  Wide alcohol choices, happy hour until 20:00 with draft beer at \400.  Many foreigners like to hangout here.


1-minute walk from the front entrance of Rusutsu Resort.  During the day, you can relax at the cafe with coffee made from delicious water from Mt. Yotei.  From 17:00, it will be an izakaya where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood from Hokkaido, dishes made from the famous Rusutsu pork, and Genghis Khan. They have local sake and also a wide range of other brands .


A 5-minute walk from the resort, shop is always crowded with foreign guests, but what’s amazing is their Genghis Khan, which uses lamb meat with a slight milk taste is super-delicious.  Eaters claimed that they have never eaten such delicious lamb meat before seems to increase.  All-you-can-eat is 2100 yen.

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