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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, a treasure chest filled with Hokkaido’s winter charm spanning over a vast field of about 1,000 hectares.   Whether you’re a powder hound core skier or a complete beginner, Asian traveller, family, couple, or one person, it’s a wonderland for no matter who you come with, you can enjoy it like no other.

I asked the person in charge of marketing.
To convey to an overseas guest, what would you say if asked “What is Hoshino Resorts Tomamu’s pride that will never lose to other resorts in Hokkaido?”

1. There is a train station, a nearby highway interchange and 3 airports located in close proximity, making it a perfect base to visit other nearby ski areas.

2. The content of after-ski is very fulfilling.

3. With 「Tomamu’s commitment to winter mountains」, we have opened up powder areas where you can do off-piste skiing.

4. Because it is in an ultra-low temperature area, you can enjoy fluffy JAPOW much longer than anywhere else!

Let’s ask a little more in detail.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu is easy to access Good location makes touring around easy

Located in central Hokkaido, Tomamu is surrounded by 3 airports, New Chitose, Asahikawa and Obihiro Airports.  All of them are just 90 minutes journey by highway access.  From the nearest Tomamu highway exit, takes only 5 mins to reach, it’s very convenient.  The limited express JR Ishikari Line Tomamu Station, which connects New Chitose Airport and Tomamu, is located inside the resort, and there are 11 round-trip limited express trains a day.

Based in Tomamu, you can visit Asahikawa, Tokachi and Obihiro area for sightseeing, and core skiers and snowboarders can ski around Furano, Sahoro, Kamui Ski Links and others ski resorts.  Of course not only in resorts, but also backcountry fields in surrounding areas. In short, Tomamu is a very convenient place as a base for any kinds of tours and activities.

Rich content for everyone

Tomamu is a like a treasure chest packed with fun and activities. Whether you are a family with children or a non-skier, we have something for everyone during your stay here.


From the foot of the mountain, ride on the Unkai Gondola to bring you to a different world in 13 minutes.  From the MUHYO TERRACE (1,088m), you will see before you the fantastic sight of frost trees and magnificent Hidaka Mountains. At the observation cafe, how about some original coffee and sweets made with hoarfrost, café-ing in the silverworld.

Mina-Mina Beach

Japan’s largest indoor beach of 30m x 80m with roll-in waves, can do stand up paddle and many fun play for adults and children.  Even the outside is extremely cold at -20 ℃, the indoor temperature of this glass-walled building is kept at over 30 ℃ , everlasting summer here.


Japan’s first shops street that can wear skis and snowboards in and out freely.  Nestled on the slope, it is easily accessible through the linkway from the hotel, anyone is welcome to enjoy whether skiers or not.  There are 8 restaurants serving dishes of fresh and delicious ingredients from Hokkaido for your enjoyment.


“Ice Village” is an ice town with freezing temperature as low as minus 30 ℃. Everything here is made out of ice, from the ice tables and chairs lining up in the  Ice Crystal Park, Ice Church and Ice Hotel, to the Ice Sweets Shop and Ice Slide.  Making the best out of ice, this place turns into a dreamy and magical wonderland for your unique winter experience.

Various snow activities in Tomamu’s nature land

Activities are perfect on days when the mountain conditions are not good, when you are a little tired, or when you want your child to have a fun snowy mountain experience.  Hoshino Resorts Tomamu answers to these needs and has come up with an exciting series of activities for you and your family.

「Tomamu’s commitment to winter mountains」
The world of powder and backcountry

In line with Hoshino Resorts 「Tomamu’s commitment to winter mountains 」, there are various contents designed to enjoy powder & backcountry.

Officially approved course on “open areas”

Other than the restricted area, zones outside the ski controlled area is designated as an “advanced-only open area”, and skiing is possible with rules to follow.  A remarkable field with good powder and you can repeat countless times using the lift access.  Pre-lectures and procedures are required, as it’s a rare case where the resort has officially authorized off-course gliding.

CAT tour to Mt. Karifuri operated by the resort

A CAT tour at Mt. Karifuri, about 20-minutes drive from the resort. It is limited to 10 participants only on a vast designated area.

You can enjoy JAPOW from trees to steep slopes and the varied terrain while taking in the magnificent landscape scenery of Hokkaido.  Special lunch prepared in the forest tent will be served.  Plus, you can also have photos and videos taken.   It will be a memorable and luxurious day.

Backcountry program

Skier : RIKI Nakajima

Backcountry programs organised by Tomamu resort, are escorted by “Riki Japow Guide”.  Various programs are available to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers.  If you are new, basic knowledge of backcountry skills are required before you can ski through the untouched natural mountains. Avalanche gear is free for rental, so please feel free to join.

Next, we invite intermediate skiers to join the petit backcountry program into our hidden deep forest, and for advanced skiers, to go on a wild tour. We also offer a divine tour, starts from hiking the mountain in front of Tomamu in dawn, witness sunrise at the summit and ski down the slope with the morning sunshine.  All programs accept up to 6 persons.

Tomamu is an ultra-low temperature area, so you can enjoy fluffy JAPOW for a longer period than anywhere else!

There are still more things Tomamu is proud of. Let’s ask RIKI, who provides backcountry guide service at Tomamu, to share a little more in detail with us.

RIKI Nakajima

He is our guide who obtained the world’s first freestyle ski coach license from Whistler & Blackcomb.  He manages “Riki Japow Guide” and is based in Tomamu, providing guide services on Hokkaido powder belt to Tokachi, Asahikawa, etc.


“Tomamu’s morning is minus 20℃, and on special cold days, it’s minus 35℃,  an extremely cold area.  So, the quality of the snow itself is very light. And because of the ultra-low temperature, the snow is basically frozen at all times.  You can always expect good snow.

As it’s inland, the amount of snow is not as much as the others, but there is no crowd, so even if it doesn’t snow for a week, there are still many good areas where no one has touched and dry snow maintain.  I think this is a big advantage of Tomamu.

In Hokkaido, many ski resorts will experience the sudden feel like “Spring” in March, but that’s when Tomamu’s advantage comes in.  It is  still cold in March, so even if the snow is over elsewhere, the level of snow will finally become the top season snow level of other ski resorts in Tomamu.  You will see the great difference especially into the second half.  When it’s good, we can still ski a lot of powder at the beginning of April.  It is such a special place.

Let’s ask more
「THE MAN」Riki more about Tomamu’s Charm

Skier : RIKI Nakajima

Q. To foreign guests who come mainly for ski, what is the special point you would like to share with them, like “This is especially good in Tomamu”  ?

Like I mentioned, Tomamu’s snow is exceptionally light and due to ultra-low temperature, the top season is long.  As you can see from the location, Tomamu is like an independent resort on an isolated island.  We only have stay-in resort guests, so it doesn’t get crowded.  This is a very good point. I think you can definitely enjoy the powder.

There is a limited program catered to advanced skiers on tree run areas.  It’s an offical approved off-course skiing area.  It’s nice because you can repeat the tree run with a lift.  Many foreign guests request to do tree run.  In overseas, it seems less opportunity to ski on areas with trees, so I’m happy to know that they enjoy it here.  Last season has been good, we got a lot of powder almost everyday.  There are variation on slopes and they are quite wide too.

In this limited area, there is no need to have a guide, it’s easier than backcountry.  Almost no tendency of getting lost, so little worry about it.   But if you have a local guide who has a good sense of spots, you’ll have more fun enjoying more runs in a day.  At Tomamu, we highly recommend this program.

Q. Is there anything else you would recommend to advanced skiers?

Location : Mt.Tokachi Skier : RIKI Nakajima

CAT ski run by the resort is also good. It’s a special program where 10 people charter to Mt. Karifuri which is about 20 minutes by car.  Lunch included is a course meal !  A premium experience.

And after all I’ve said, I want to recommend this program which uses Tomamu as a base, from Furano to Asahikawa, generally it’s called Hokkaido Powder Belt, it is a backcountry tour.

Q. What courses and routines do you recommend on the slopes?

Skier : RIKI Nakajima

I think courses like advanced only, exhibition and silver bell, should try skiing.  As you already know, advanced-only course is a special place where you can enjoy deep powder and tree run.  For exhibition course, it will be closed in the afternoon once for regrooming.  So even an overslept skier who miss the morning run, can still get a fresh track in the afternoon.  As for silver bell, it is a gentle course, even beginners can ski from mountaintop to the bottom, enjoying the scenery along the way.

My favorite routine is, first I would ski the advanced area and no gravity course on steep slopes repeatly using the lift.  Then move out from the main to areas with lesser people.  Only in Tomamu Mountain, we have  “advanced-only open area”.  Most advanced skiers will end after skiing this area.  Tower mountain course which is catered to beginners and intermediate, you can hardly see advanced skiers here.  So powder still remain even to ski in the afternoon. This is also one way of enjoying here.

Q. For family group overseas guests, what would you recommend ?

Tomamu has many attractions for everyone, any age groups and any levels. Mina-mina beach with waves rolling in is nice for SUP, children can have fun too.  Ice Village, you can’t miss this.  Even on bad weather day, you can still spend a fulfilling and enjoyable day here.

Speaking of family, if it’s a solo trip, father will go Niseko alone, but if it’s a family trip, many tends to choose Tomamu recently.  For example, 5 days stay at Tomamu, 3 days family day with kids, playing snow or activities together, and the remaining 2 days will be dad’s day.  Contact Riki Japow Guides to bring him to the backcountry, obviously we see many such repeaters increasing.

At Tomamu, kids from the age of three can join the private kids school.  So while they are in the school during the day, parents can go skiing as much as they want.  I think this is also a good idea.  Family can enjoy such flexible arrangement, I think this is the good thing about Tomamu.

Q. What do you recommend for Tomamu’s food?

Tomamu has many attractions for everyone, any age groups and any levels. Mina-mina beach with waves rolling in is nice for SUP, children can have fun too.  Ice Village, you can’t miss this.  Even on bad weather day, you can still spend a fulfilling and enjoyable day here. I would recommend to eat at Hotalu Street, where you can go in with your ski shoes on. 

Ramen is especially popular with the Chinese.  Westerners have interest in Japanese food, so they will choose sushi or seafood bowl.  If it’s restaurant in the hotel, please try at least once at  “Hal “or “Nininupri ” buffet. And after that, it is also nice to have a drink using glass made of ice at the Ice Village.


New taste that can only be tasted here. A wide variety of ramen to choose from, such as dried sardines, scallop, prawns (salt, soy sauce, miso).


Fresh seafood are sent directly from various fishing ports daily. You can enjoy the best of Hokkaido’s seafood from the seasonal special menu or premium sushi.

Buffet Dining hal

At dinner, the main concept is “crab x salmon”, together with the use of different seasonal ingredients to line up a feast of dishes for your dining experience. Have a memorable dinner time with dishes prepared by the chef and popular desserts.

Forest RestaurantNininupuri

A buffet restaurant nestled in the woods.  4 kinds of meat that represent Hokkaido are freshly prepared and you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and meat festivals, including 3 types of all-you-can-drink beer.

Are there any places or people here who can share more about Tomamu?

Fullmarks TOMAMU

NORRONA, a pro shop of its own brand and other Nordic brands.  Whether it’s after skiing or on bad weather day, you can shop here leisurely.  Staff who love activities are always available and ready to help you on queries relating to ski goods or playing in Tomamu.


If you go to the school reception, you can meet RIKI ( Mr Nakajima) except when he is out on guided tours. Any inquiries about backcountry programs or powder belt tours, all are welcome.  You may also wish to drop him an email on your questions before visiting Japan. 

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