The “Hokkaido Taisetsu Area Activity Center ” in joint establishment with the Asashikawa Tourism and Products Information Center is an information desk that provides intel on activities for the Taisetsu area surrounded by sublime nature. The Taisetsu area refers to eight cities and towns (Asashikawwa City, Higashikagura Town, Takasu Town, Higashikawa Town, Toma Town, Pippu Town, Kamikawa Town, and Aibetsu Town) all closeby to Mt. Taisetsu, including the Kamui Ski Links. The staff, who are all knowledgeable about the area’s activities, can first teach you about the allure filled experiences and services surrounding this area, with some of the best powder snow in the world, and about the latest information on each ski resort. Short tours and events to and from the activity center are also done, so feel free to join.