Seicomart is a very reliable convenience store for Hokkaido residents and foreign guests.

As you can get household goods and food necessary for your stay in snow country, it’s super convenient. It has a reputation for having a wide variety of wines and whiskeys to choose from. The most popular items are Fried Chicken and Katsudon from “HOT CHEF,” which is cooked in-store kitchen! Some of the stores that have many foreign guests handle products for overseas customers and have product POP (introduction) in foreign languages, so it is easy to shop. In addition, lift tickets for Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort can be purchased at five Seicomart stores (Shinko Store, Misumai Store, Jozankei Onsen Store, Fujino Sanjo Store, and Ishiyama Store) near the area. If you purchase the lift tickets in advance, you can enjoy skiing on the slopes immediately without lining up at the ticket sales counter!