How about a snow trekking experience by doing some leisurely horseback riding as you get to gaze at Mt. Yotei, the highest peak in Niseko? At “Niseko Country Farm,” the well-trained horses are here to welcome you. At first, you’ll practice riding within an enclosure, and once you get used to that, everyone will depart for the fields covered in a snowy landscape. Of course, even first time horse riders can have peace of mind doing this. With your family and friends in this remarkable location, this will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience that only Niseko can offer! The “Horse Riding Experience Tour in a Silvery White World” is 10,000 Yen per person, requires around 30 minutes, and anyone from elementary school to 65 years old and under 85kg can join. Reservations possible at Niseko’s HANAZONO Resort.