Kyogoku, where Fukidashi Park is located, is a town located on the west side of Sapporo that is filled with beautiful greenery and famous for its water. It is located at the eastern foothills of Mt. Yotei, close to the Niseko mountain range, and is a member of the Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan. The “Yotei Fukidashi Spring Water”, which has been certified as a “Heritage of Hokkaido” and one of Japan’s “100 Beautiful Waters” by the Ministry of the Environment is created through the filtration and addition of minerals that take place as the snow and rain that fall on Ezo Fuji (Mt. Yotei) make their way underground, later to spring back out in the Fukidashi Park at the rate of some 80,000 tons per year.

What’s more, Kyogoku Onsen, a day-trip facility where visitors can casually stop by for a quick hot spring bath, is located in the park’s surroundings. The view of Mt. Yotei while soaking in the open-air bath is exceptional, and bathers can spend a blissful time relaxing calmly in this majestic location. There is also a large dining room in which food is served.