“We want you to find the wonder of animals’ lives and movements as they are, the greatness of their behavior, their beauty, and their preciousness, and feel the comfort of a space full of life”. Based on this concept, the “behavior exhibits” draw out the animals’ habits and movements and show their lively appearances, making Japan’s most northerly zoo become well-known throughout the country. The penguin march is something you have to see, and it’s a spot you’ll want to visit if you are staying in Asahikawa. In winter only, the Snow Light Zoo event is held at the start of every February until 20:30 every day. It’s a precious chance to see animals only as they appear on winter nights. The park is lit up by ice candles, which will make you feel warm. It’s a 30 minute drive from JR Asahikawa station. (Entry fee: adults, 1,000yen, middle school and under, free)