Soaring to the summit of Mt. Shiribetsu’s summit, north of Rusutsu Resort, you’ll find a powder paradise by an approximate two minute helicopter ride. In the “6 Run Big Mountain” tour, with a group of up to four with one guide, you can do up to 6 runs in one day on the best lines based on the pace of the group. Avalance gear is lended out and lunch is provided with everything as a set until returning, and the overall fee is guaranteed based on the number of runs done. In case of bad weather that reduces the number of runs, payment will be recalculated and returned. If a single run can’t to be done, it’s possible to arrange other plans such as a slope tour or back country tour. Apply at Hokkaido Country Club, or if you are staying at Rusutsu Resort, applications are being done at the Activity South Desk.