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Urban ski resort located inside of Sapporo City

Sapporo Teine is located in City of Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, where the 1972 Winter Olympic Games were held. There are 6km long run courses that can be enjoyed even by beginners, to courses that are shaped according to the landscape. Lots of enticing courses, not to mention easy access from city centre Sapporo, this ski resort also has a commanding view of the Ishikari Bay!

Kanayama 172 Teine-Ku
Sapporo Hokkaido

Tel. 011-682-6000

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There are many athletic attractions designed for children and families. After you pay admission to the Kid's Park, all rentals of sleds and tubes are free of charge. The off course Nature Zone is open after heavy snowfalls.
Kid's Park
Kid's Park
Nature Zone
Nature Zone
Après Ski

You head city centre to Sapporo for sightseeing and nightlife entertainment. A large underground shopping zone spreads from JR Sapporo Station to Odori, and there are dozens of restaurant arcades to choose from for exquisite Hokkaido dining.

Odori Park
Odori Park



Sapporo Teine is just 40 min. from city centre Sapporo, so choose a hotel in the city centre area especially near the Odori, Sapporo and Susukino subway stations for your convenience. If you wish to try an traditional Japanese inn with hot springs we recommend you go the extra mile to Jozankei Hot Spring.

Resort Bus
From New Chitose Airport it is 90 min by Hokkaido Resort Liner.
Local Bus
50 min from Sapporo Station Bus Terminal or 15 min from JR Teine Station.
By Car
40 min from city centre of Sapporo. 7 min from Teine IC of Sasson Expressway.

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